Have your say on the European Education Area

About the consultation

The European Commission has opened a public consultation for the interim evaluation of the European Education Area (EEA).

Gathering feedback from various stakeholders is a key element in assessing the progress made towards building the European Education Area.

The consultation welcomes input from all individuals and organisations with insights to share. The results of the consultation will be added to evaluation evidence base.

Who can contribute

Contributors can be:

  • educators
  • students
  • researchers
  • policy-makers
  • civil society representatives
  • members of the public

The consultation is open to both EU and non-EU citizens, organisations, and public entities.

Have your say today

The consultation is available in all EU official languages and will be open until 27 June 2024. Follow the article’s source to access the consultation.

Source: European Commission | European Education Area | News (https://shorturl.at/bBIM6)