Get ready for EU funding for pre-commercial procurement in the security field

Prepare your proposal to apply for a 100% funded coordination and support action to prepare the ground for PCPs in security (EUR 2 million funding), that will be followed one year later by a call that provides 100% funding for pre-commercial procurements (EUR 6 million funding).

Want to cooperate with other public sector organisations in the security field to trigger together the supply side to develop innovative security solutions and test them collaboratively?

  • Call topic 2023-SSRI-01-01 funds coordination and support actions that prepare the ground for pre-commercial procurements that will procure the development and testing of innovative security solutions (indicative budget: EUR 2 million, deadline submission of proposals: 23/11/2023)
  • Call topic 2024-SSRI-01-01 funds PCP actions that implement a pre-commercial procurement in security (indicative budget: EUR 6 million, deadline submission of proposals: 20/11/2024)

Source: European Commission | Shaping Europe’s digital future (