Get funding for your digital education innovative idea

To help you turn your idea into reality, the European Digital Education Hub has prepared a list of available European funding opportunities.

Make it happen with the European Digital Education Hub

Turning ideas into real life solutions is one of the key missions of the European Digital Education Hub. To achieve this, the Hub hosts a variety of activities focused on the most pressing digital education challenges. These activities also include guidance with searching for funding.

To get you started with your search for funds, the Hub has assembled some of the most attractive funding opportunities across the EU.

Am I eligible?

Funding opportunities are available for a wide range of topics and actors in digital education. There are options for financial support that cater to many profiles and needs, including

  • educators
  • researchers
  • technology innovators
  • business owners

What funds are available?

Policy Experimentation – Digital Education

This call for proposals is part of the Erasmus+ programme and offers a grant of up to € 1 million per project.

The grant is for projects that address:

  • gender balance in ICT studies and professions
  • digital wellbeing
  • data literacy strategies in primary and secondary education

Access the policy experimentation call for proposals

Open Innovation Factory 2024

The Open Innovation Factory 2024 programme supports pan-European entrepreneurial teams in boosting early-stage digital deep tech ventures. The teams can gather members with background in

  • education
  • research
  • business organisations

The maximum amount for an innovation project is € 400 000.

Find out more at Open Innovation Factory 2024

Nordplus Horizontal

Participants from Nordic and/or Baltic countries are eligible for the Nordplus Horizontal grants.

A grant of € 10 million in total is available for a wide spectrum of themes in education and lifelong learning.

Apply at Nordplus Horizontal

Smart & start

Smart & Start targets innovative startups all over Italy, supporting self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs and unemployed people who are eager to start their own business. The fund provides between € 100 000 and €1.5 million in interest-free loans and non-repayable financing.

Applications run continuously and are evaluated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Learn more at Smart & Start

Want to explore more funding opportunities?

Read “Mapping of Funding opportunities: Helping innovators finding support to go beyond the ideation phase”

(document available only to Hub members)

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