Frederick University: Workshop on new methods for monitoring birdlife presented by Frederick University

Frederick University hosted a workshop on November 20, titled “Acoustic Sensors and Biodiversity: An Innovative Approach to Monitoring Birdlife”. The workshop was held in the framework of the BIOMON research project, which is coordinated by the University.

The workshop was attended by researchers and officials from government departments working on biodiversity conservation.

During the workshop, BIOMON project researcher, Dr. Christos Mammidis, presented the different types of acoustic sensors, the categories of acoustic data they collect, and the ways in which these data can be used for automated bird monitoring in ecologically important areas.

Dr. Mammidis also presented the results from the analysis of acoustic data collected at 61 sites in Cyprus last spring, as part of the BIOMON project.

The project, which is funded by the European Commission and the HORIZON EUROPE – ERA Fellowships program, aims to develop new methods to monitor birdlife in rural areas of high ecological importance in Cyprus, using acoustic sensors. The presence of birds in such areas is an important indicator of their ecological status, and changes in birdlife can indicate changes in the environment and ecological quality.

Frederick University’s Nature Conservation Unit and Computational Intelligence Laboratory collaborate and coordinate the project.

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