Frederick University: Groundbreaking Environmental Officer Course to set sail in January

Frederick University announces the launch of the EnviroNaut Environmental Officer course, a groundbreaking online modular course which sets new standards for environmental training in the Nautical Tourism sector.

The innovative course is the result of a two-year endeavor within the EU funded Erasmus+ EnviroNaut project, formed by a multidisciplinary consortium, coordinated by the German Maritime Federation (BVWW). EBI (European Boating Industry), representing the national organizations of the recreational boating industry in Europe, also participates in the consortium along with the German Ocean Foundation (Germany), the Sea Teach educational center (Spain), the National Technical University of Athens (Greece) and Frederick University (Cyprus) via the University’s Maritime Transport and Commerce Research Unit.

The pioneering online modular course is set to be unveiled at boot Düsseldorf 2024, the world’s most important boat and water sports fair, on January 22nd at the Blue Innovation Dock. Initiated in February 2022, the EnviroNaut project aimed to address crucial environmental challenges within the nautical tourism sector. The need to increase control over environmental impacts, improve knowledge regarding legislation, pollution control, and waste management, highlighted the need for a comprehensive training program.

The primary objective of the EnviroNaut project has been to create a curriculum for the position of “Environmental Officer in Nautical Tourism” and deliver it as a freely accessible modular online course – a continuous vocational education and training initiative tailored to the sector’s unique needs. This innovative program aims at bridging the gaps in environmental awareness, legislative compliance, and sustainability practices.

Coordinating the project on behalf of Frederick University, Dr Emmanuel Nicolaides, Researcher and Faculty member of the University’s Department of Maritime Transport and Commerce, comments: “Given the growing environmental awareness and the intricate nature of existing legal frameworks—both at the European and national levels—in the field of nautical tourism, the development of the Environmental Officer course has become imperative. We are proud of our involvement in this project, as it aligns with the overarching goals of our Department. Our research not only addresses but actively contributes to the significant challenge of promoting sustainable development within the marine and maritime sector.”

The EnviroNaut course comprises five online modules, including an introductory module on Ocean Literacy and four specialised modules tailored for workers in Marinas, Sea Schools and Watersport Clubs, Skippers, and Maintenance Companies. Upon completion, participants will receive a certification that signifies their commitment to sustainability, showcasing their active efforts to train staff and make a positive impact on the industry. It will also be a sign of environmental action for companies training their employees, which will be welcomed by customers, the local community and policy-makers.

On December 8, a workshop was held at our University’s Limassol campus, where the contents and scope of the project were presented. Companies, employees, and stakeholders from the nautical tourism sector took part at the workshop.

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