Frederic University: “What Kind of Upbringing and Education Do We Want?” scientific and professional conference

Calling all interested academic staff, students and education professionals to participate in the International Conference co-organised by all members of the EU-CONEXUS European University alliance.

The conference will explore education in a broad sense and it will be held at the University of Zadar, Croatia, on May 18-20, 2023.

It is intended for preschool educators, primary and secondary school teachers, principals and professional associates in educational institutions, educators in student dormitories, professors in higher education institutions, students of undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate studies, and professionals whose scientific and professional interest is education and upbringing, as well as for general public.

The conference programme is composed of plenary and work sessions, a round table, workshops, panel discussions and a poster exhibition.

The thematic areas of the conference include:

– Educational values in national, European and international contexts – values we strive for

– Knowledge, solidarity, identity and responsibility as core educational values

– Objectives of upbringing and education and how to achieve them

– Theoretical and methodological starting points in research of social and educational values

– Family as the core of educational values and challenges of modern parenting

– Innovative styles, methods and means of upbringing and education

– Contemporary vs. traditional educational concepts

– Educational challenges of educational institutions

– Pedagogical dimension of higher education

– The regional centers of competences as education reform challenges

– Professional culture and communication

– Professional ethics and academic integrity

– Educational dimension of contemporary media

– Relationship between pedagogical theory and pedagogical practice: exchange of good experiences

The Conference is organised by the Department of Pedagogy and “Stjepan Matičević” Center of the University of Zadar in co-organisation with Frederick University, Cyprus, the Klaipeda University, Lithuania, the Catholic University of Valencia, Spain, the University of Applied Sciences in Tarnow, Poland, the Education and Teacher Training Agency and the Agency for Vocational Education and Training and Adult Education, in Croatia.

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