First biennial report on the implementation of the Global Approach to research and innovation

The Commission adopted a report to the Council and the European Parliament taking stock of progress in the implementation of the EU strategy for international cooperation in research and innovation (R&I), the Global Approach to R&I. In its Communication, the Commission committed to adopt biennial reports on the execution of the actions set out therein.

This first report shows that, in the past two years, the Global Approach to R&I proved its effectiveness and relevance and continues to be the appropriate strategic framework for international R&I cooperation, by preserving openness and promoting values and principles and by safeguarding the EU’s strategic assets, interests, autonomy and security. The report also provides a snapshot of the EU’s position in international R&I cooperation across thematic areas.

The EU successfully implemented the new provisions for the association of non-EU countries to Horizon Europe. It developed joint commitments with international partners, helping to shape global governance. It promoted multilateral R&I cooperation to deliver science-based solutions that promote the fair green and digital transitions, health security, preparedness, and response to crises, while developing international partnerships to reduce strategic dependencies in key technological areas and value chains.

The first biennial report on the implementation of the Global Approach to research and innovation shows that the EU has made significant progress in implementing the actions identified in the Global Approach Communication. Openness and international cooperation remain at the heart of European R&I policy. At the same time, the EU is well equipped with instruments to safeguard its interest and to strengthen its position in the world.


In May 2021, the Commission adopted a Communication on its Global Approach to Research and Innovation, Europe’s strategy for international cooperation in a changing world. With this, the EU aims to take a leading role in supporting international research and innovation partnerships, and to deliver innovative solutions worldwide to make our societies green, digital and healthy.

It reconfirms Europe’s commitment to global openness, which is needed to drive excellence, pool resources to achieve scientific progress and develop vibrant innovation ecosystems. Where justified to better safeguard EU interests, risk mitigation measures have been put in place in Horizon Europe. The EU will continue to work with international partners to create a common understanding of fundamental principles and values in R&I, such as academic freedom, gender equality, research ethics, open science and evidence-based policymaking.

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