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April 23 @ 7:00 pm - 11:30 pm

In the heart of Nicosia’s walled city lies a building with a story that transcends time. Once a bustling marketplace, the AGORA building stood witness to the ebb and flow of a divided community.
Fast forward to April 23rd, and this historic structure undergoes a remarkable transformation, becomes CYENS’ groundbreaking headquarters.
The Historic Tapestry
Take a stroll through the AGORA building’s past, a place steeped in the rich tapestry of the divided Nicosia community. Its walls echo with the memories of a marketplace—a hub that brought people together despite the challenges of a divided city.
Metamorphosis Unveiled
CYENS, the Center of Excellence for Interactive Media, Smart Systems, and Emerging Technologies, takes the helm in breathing new life into the AGORA building. Meticulously renovated, this architectural gem emerges as a symbol of transformation, bridging the gap between history and the cutting-edge future.
A Beacon for Innovation
As the doors swing open on April 23rd, the AGORA building transforms into a beacon for innovation. CYENS’ journey is not just about reviving a historic space but creating a nexus for groundbreaking advancements in interactive media, smart systems, and emerging technologies. It’s a place where the past converges with the future.
The Collaborative Odyssey
Join CYENS on an odyssey of collaboration, creativity, and technological innovation. The AGORA building becomes a meeting point not only for the community but for visionaries, researchers, and enthusiasts alike. It’s an invitation to be part of an ecosystem shaping the future of technology and research.
Shaping Tomorrow, Honoring Yesterday
As CYENS establishes its presence in the iconic AGORA building, the narrative shifts from heritage to horizon. This media kit is an invitation to explore a journey that honors the past while charting a course for a future where innovation knows no bounds.


April 23
7:00 pm - 11:30 pm
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