CERIDES / EUC is extremely happy and proud to announce that a prominent member of its team, Dr. Konstantinos Katzis, will be coordinating the deployment of the of the First Quantum Communication Network in Cyprus!

The Network will be deployed in 2023 after a successful €7.5M research proposal bid to the European Commission, under the Digital Europe Programme. The project, namely Cyprus Quantum Communications Infrastructure (CyQCI), will be implemented by scientists from CERIDES / European University Cyprus (EUC) and the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), in collaboration with the Deputy Ministry of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy (DMRID), the Department of Electronic Communications (DEC); the Digital Security Authority (DSA); the Cyprus Telecommunication Authority (CYTA); the Cyprus Research and Academic Network (CYNET) and Hellas-Sat (HS).

CyQCI will establish an advanced experimental optical network based on quantum key distribution (QKD), enabling the highly secure transfer of information between critical public, academic and industrial end-users, across three cities. Through this project, Cyprus will participate in the collective efforts of the European Union under the EuroQCI initiative, to deploy a trans-European, quantum-safe network. The CyQCI project will run for 30 months and will be co-funded by the European Commission and the Republic of Cyprus (Deputy Ministry of Research Innovation and Digital Policy).

The CERIDES directors and members warmly congratulate Dr. Katzis for this very significant development! Theoretical and industrial advances in the telecommunications domain constitute a very important aspect of CERIDES research activities. Dr. Konstantinos Katzis and his team, since joining CERIDES in 2018, have been active in promoting an innovative telecommunications agenda. Full information about this agenda can be found at the following link:


Source: European University Cyprus| Latest News (https://bit.ly/3vvsfMB)