The aim of the project is to “build a methodological framework, set up educational tools and imagine an online learning environment to accompany children (pre-train) of 6-10 years in first aid and cardiopulmonary resuscitation, using innovative activities based on learning-by-doing, to prepare them for future actions, cultivating the ideal of solidarity and promoting a culture of prevention of well-being”

The consortium among other subjects discussed the last phase of the program the workshops and the conferences that will take place at schools and the project dissemination plan.
The consortium is ready for the educational part of the project that will take place in elementary schools of each country and the participants will have the opportunity to use the materials. The participation will include teachers’ training and pupils’ training with the free support of LIFEFORCE staff.

The training will be carried out in three steps:
1. teacher training (blended mode);
2. students’ training/activities guided by teachers, with LIFEFORCE materials;
3. classroom observation by LIFEFORCE staff.

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