European University Cyprus: Further Strengthening Cooperation between the Athens Medical Group and the European University Cyprus

The Athens Medical Group, the largest Greek Healthcare Group, aims to provide innovative and quality healthcare services with a focus on people. Since its establishment and acting with a long-term strategic horizon, it has proven that it attaches great importance to education and research, with particular emphasis on the interconnection of education and applied medicine.

Following the positive developments regarding the creation of the appropriate legal framework for the establishment and operation of foreign universities in Greece, the procedures for the activation of the largest pillar of the Athens Medical Group – European University Cyprus partnership, which is the cooperation for the possible establishment of a medical school in Greece, are being accelerated.

The establishment of a Medical School in Greece is a vision that the President and founder of the Group, Dr. Apostolopoulos, reflecting both the values and the unwavering commitment of the Athens Medical Group to be at the forefront of scientific, technological and research innovation, always being “ONE STEP FORWARD”.

This strategic collaboration has many pillars, such as the practical training of medical students in the Group’s high-tech hospitals in Athens and Thessaloniki, staffed with top scientists.

As part of the cooperation between the Group and the European University of Cyprus regarding the practical training of medical students, on Monday, February 12, 2024, the Group welcomed the second batch of students in Greece, accompanied by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the European University of Cyprus, Prof. Elizabeth Johnson. During the spring semester, a total of (51) students will be trained at the Group’s hospitals in Athens and Thessaloniki, with the participation of (60) clinical instructors.

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