CERIDES is happy to announce its participation in the Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programme entitled “Preparing young undergraduate women for a research career in health sciences”. CERIDES Research Associate, and Lecturer of European University Cyprus Dr Cleo Varianou-Mikellidou, acted as a Program Trainer, presenting the topic ‘Risk Management and Risk Assessment Approaches – The development of tools for managing OSH Risks’.

The two-week Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programme was implemented during September 2022 took place in the School of Health of Porto Polytechnic Institute, in Porto University. The aim of the Programme was to provide young female undergraduate students with the opportunity to get familiar with a wide range of health frameworks, namely laboratory sciences, rehabilitation, neurosciences and risk management and assessment. Several students from the academic programs MSc Occupational Safety & Health, BSc Occupational Therapy and BSc Speech and Language Therapy of European University Cyprus participated in the Programme.

The young female students were also informed about practical considerations of a career in science, including topics such as female-led research activities, managing expectations, being resilient and persistent, and using appropriate tools to achieve expected results. The participants also visited several research labs and centres in Porto University.

The final outcome of this Erasmus+ Blended Intensive Programme will be the design of an original scientific project, inspired by several contributions of women in science that have taken part in the thematic sessions.

Source: European University Cyprus | Latest News (https://bit.ly/3Sx19xJ)