European Conference on Networks and Communications & 6G summit 2023 – discover HaDEA-managed projects working on digital services

The 2023 edition of the European Conference on Networks and Communications & 6G Summit  took place from 6 to 9 June in Gothenburg. It was organised by the European Conference on Networks and Communications and was supported by the European Commission. The theme of this year is “6G for a Green and Digital Transition”.

The conference featured keynote speeches, panels, workshops, tutorials, and special sessions on groundbreaking deep tech solutions, 5G deployment across Europe and 6 exploration usages. Representatives from the industry, the European institutions, research, and academia exchanged their views and opinions.

Discover some of the Horizon 2020 projects managed by HaDEA pushing digital innovation forward:

  • iNGENIOUS designed and evaluated the Next-Generation IoT (NG-IoT) solution, with emphasis on 5G and the development of Edge and Cloud computing extensions for IoT, as well as providing smart networking and data management solutions with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. The project ended on March 2023 with concrete deliverables that will be applied in the logistics industry.
  • ACCORDION established a practical approach in connecting edge resources and infrastructures to support next-generation applications. The project builds on the idea that by associating edge computing with advanced technologies such as 5G, the EU will be able to capitalise on its own resources and infrastructure and bring benefits to its SMEs.
  • ARtwin developed an Augmented Reality (AR) cloud platform to improve productivity and product quality of the European industry and construction 4.0. Based on 5G connectivity, the AR cloud platform will enable collaborative AR experiences adapted to factory and construction site environments.
  • POETICS is developing high-capacity Multi-Chip Modules comprising novel Terabit optical engines and optical switches, together with digital switches. POETICS focuses on minimising the electrical interconnect distance between the optical engine and the digital switching chip, and on removing signal conditioning chips and unwanted components.

Source: European Commission | European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA)