Eurobarometer survey shows positive perceptions about the economy and the quality of life in the EU regions

The Commission published a Flash Eurobarometer conducted at the regional level, showing that EU citizens look positively at the economic situation and the quality of life in their region.

Over eight out of ten Europeans (82%) say that the quality of life in their region is good. At the same time, 65% of Europeans say that the current situation of the economy of their region is good.

Europeans tend to think that the most important issues facing their region at the moment are the cost of living (31%), the economic situation and unemployment (26%), and health (26%). These are followed by housing (20%), the environment and climate change (19%), and the educational system (18%).

At the same time, they identify economy, social justice and jobs (29%) as one of the most important dimensions for the future of Europe, followed by climate change and the environment (24%), education, culture, youth and sport (24%), democracy, values and rights and rule of law (21%), health (21%), EU security and defence (20%) and migration (19%).

Trust in regional and local authorities remains high, as does trust in the EU. 58% of respondents tend to trust regional and local authorities and 38% tend not to trust them. The same proportions are observed when it comes to trust in the EU.

A majority of Europeans continue to show optimism. 66% of them are optimistic regarding the future of their region while 32% are pessimistic. At the same time, 55% are optimistic regarding the future of the EU while 42% are pessimistic.

The survey also shows that a majority of Europeans (47%) continue to have a positive image of the EU. while 21% have a negative image and 30% have a neutral image.

Source: European Commission | Press Corner (