HaDEA has published a Prior Information Notice (PIN) for a call for tenders to be funded under the EU4Health 2022 Annual Work Programme.

Interested parties are invited to consult TED and e-Tendering for the possible publication of the contract notice and tender documents.

HADEA/2022/OP/0021 – PIN

Service contract for a study on guidance to increase access to healthcare for people with disabilities

The overall aim of this call for tenders is to support EU countries with guidance on how to increase access to healthcare for persons with disabilities.

The contractor will:

• Map and analyse the main bottlenecks in accessing healthcare for people with disabilities;

• Provide guidelines on how to increase access and overcome barriers in access to healthcare (e.g. medical settings, digital health services and other relevant settings) for people with disabilities;

• Analyse the situation of people with disabilities in terms of access to cancer screening, cancer diagnosis and care in all EU countries.

This includes collecting quantitative and qualitative data on patients with disabilities affected by cancer, barriers in accessibility and affordability of cancer screening, diagnosis and care for disabled patients, and finally, on current differences in the quality of care they receive.

Estimated budget: € 700 000

Source: European Commission I HADEA (https://bit.ly/3fAtK76)