is happy to announce its participation in the 4th training event of the Horizon 2020 project RESPOND-A, which took place from the 7th until the 9th of June 2022 in University Hospital St George, Plovdiv, Bulgaria. CERIDES, acting as the coordinating organisation of the RESPOND-A project, was represented in the training by Dr. Cleo Varianou – Mikellidou, CERIDES Research Fellow and Assistant Project Manager.

The event gathered 50 participants including practitioners from across Europe (Bulgaria, Spain, Cyprus). The aim of the training event was to train first responders on the use of the RESPOND-A technologies. In particular, the main objective was to gain an understanding about the potential use of the project technologies in emergency situations and particularly those resulting from hospitals: body and environmental sensorslocation emergency management systems, cyber security, augmented reality. Furthermore, the training was aiming to raise the level of readiness of the technologies in preparation for the project pilots and gather feedback from the First Responders in terms of requirements for the further development and fine tuning of the technologies.

The training activities of the project took place in three separate phases:

a) Phase 1: data collection with a Session on Body and Environmental sensors (Techs used: Triage system, environmental sensors, health sensors, alarm mechanism, wearable data logger).

b) Phase 2: data processing with two workshops on Location and emergency coordination systems,

c) Phase 3: data usage with a cyber security awareness training and a session on Augmented Reality.

RESPOND-A (Next-generation equipment tools and mission-critical strategies for First Responders) is a Horizon 2020 project (H2020-SU-SEC). Its total budget is €7,67 million Euros. RESPOND-A aims at developing holistic and easy-to-use solutions for First Responders by bringing together the complementary strengths of its Investigators in 5G wireless communications, Augmented and Virtual Reality, autonomous robot and unmanned aerial vehicle coordination, intelligent wearable sensors and smart monitoring, geo-visual analytics, and immersive geospatial data analysis, passive and active localization and tracking, and interactive multi-view 360o video streaming. The synergy of such cutting-edge technological advancements is likely to provide high-end and continuous flows of data, voice, and video information to First Responders and their Command & Control Centers for predicting and assessing the various incidents readily and reliably, and saving lives more efficiently and effectively, while maximizing the safeguarding of themselves, before, during and after disasters.

As RESPOND-A enters the third year of its implementation, with technologies being developed individually and in collaboration between partners, a crucial point is reached where interoperability between the various technologies is required.   Three large scale pilots are planned for the third year of the project (Cyprus, Greece, Spain) with increased needs for interconnection and interoperability between partners and technologies.

Full information about the RESPOND-A Consortium is available at this page.

You can follow the RESPOND-A activities on Twitter, Linked In and on the project website https://respondaproject.eu/

The CERIDES Team responsible for the managementcoordination, and implementation of the RESPOND-A project, comprises of the following scientists:

Professor George Boustras (Project Manager)

Dr. Cleo Varianou – Mikellidou (Research Fellow – Assistant Project Manager)

Mr. Iasonas Senekkis (Research Fellow – Assistant Project Manager)

Source: European University Cyprus |Latest News (https://bit.ly/3bABNz8 )