Following an open call for members announced last year in the new EU urban mobility framework, EIT Urban Mobility is pleased to announce its membership in the European Commission’s Expert Group on Urban Mobility (EGUM).

What is the Expert Group on Urban Mobility?

The group brings together Member State representatives, local and regional authorities as well as key European organisations active in making sustainable urban mobility a reality – from research bodies and universities to industry, civil society, and non-governmental organisations.

The revamping of the EGUM membership arose from the need to establish a platform for dialogue to further the goals of the EU Urban Mobility Framework (UMF) adopted in December 2021, as part of the Green and Efficient Mobility Package. The new UMF renews support for urban nodes under the TEN-T regulation, provides a reinforced approach to SUMP through better integration with urban logistics planning (SULP) and monitoring indicators, focuses on walking, cycling and micromobility as well as public transport, digitalisation, innovation and new mobility services.

To achieve EU-wide goals in the field of sustainable urban mobility, the group will:

  • assist the European Commission’s Directorate for Mobility and Transport in the implementation of the new EU urban mobility framework
  • advise and provide technical expertise to the Commission on developing and implementing  legislation, policies, projects and programmes
  • improve cooperation and coordination between the Commission, Member States and stakeholders relating to implementation of EU legislation, programmes and policies including sustainable urban mobility planning, transport contingency preparedness and energy efficiency
  • foster exchanges of experience and good practices, including in cross-border regions
  • advise the Commission on how to develop synergies between EU, national and regional funding and financing opportunities in research, innovation, development and deployment of safe, healthy, energy efficient and sustainable urban mobility solutions
  • facilitate exchanges on relevant initiatives, projects and partnerships such as the EU mission on climate-neutral and smart cities

How will it help the EIT Urban Mobility network?

We will be able to leverage our community of more than 300 entities coming from education, business, research and public sectors to increase synergies and cooperation that create lasting impact.

After three intense years of establishing EIT Urban Mobility, we are eager to join this initiative to support the European Commission’s work on developing and implementing future-proof and innovation-friendly legislation, policies, projects and programmes in the field of sustainable urban mobility.

The new Expert Group on Urban Mobility will hold its first meeting on 25 October 2022, in Brussels.

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