EIT InnoEnergy’s Holosolis launches largest solar PV gigafactory in Europe

Holosolis‘ new gigafactory in Moselle, France will accelerate Europe’s solar PV manufacturing capabilities and help ensure the continent’s energy security. It has almost 70% greater production capacity than Europe’s current largest factory.

The factory will start production in 2025 and, at full capacity, will produce 5GW per year, producing 10 million photovoltaic modules annually. That total can power one million European homes.

The gigafactory boosts Europe as a global solar power producer

Holosolis’ move increases Europe’s solar manufacturing capacity at a time when its supply sovereignty is increasingly a matter of political concern. Currently, Europe is only responsible for 3% of the world’s installed photovoltaic modules compared to China which runs 80%. The new factory also moves Europe in the direction of more low-carbon and recyclable industrial production.

The project benefits local talent

Most of its 1 700 workers are to be hired from the Grand Est region and Sarreguemine area in partnership with French unemployment agency Pôle Emploi. France was considered the ideal location for its know-how, workforce availability, infrastructure quality, and low-carbon energy makeup. The Moselle site provides plenty of expansion space as new technologies and manufacturing capacities become integrated in the future.

A step forward for EU sustainable policy

Holosolis was a joint creation between EIT InnoEnergy, French real estate company IDEC Group, and solar energy producer TSE with the express objective of building Europe’s largest photovoltaic gigafactory. Its new gigafactory will be considered a strategic success for the EU Green Deal Industrial Plan. It is also one of the flagship initiatives carried out within the framework of the European Solar and photovoltaics Industrial Alliance (ESIA) to re-industrialise Europe. It will contribute to the REPowerEU plan which aims to bring 600GW of solar energy online by 2030.

Source: European Institute of Innovation and Technology | News (https://rb.gy/qxfys)