EIC Accelerator – applicants given an additional two weeks to submit to October cut-off

The deadline for the last EIC Accelerator cut-off for full (Step 2) proposals this year has been changed from 4 October to 19 October 2023. This change of date is to allow applicants additional time to complete their full proposals taking into account the temporary moratorium on the short (Step 1) proposals from 2 June to 3 July 2023.

At the same time, the 12-month limit to submit a full application following the successful evaluation of a short (Step 1) proposal is extended so that successful Step 1 applicants who pass(ed) the maximum 12 months for submitting a full (Step 2) proposal between 7 June 2023 cut-off date and 19 October 2023 cut-off date, are allowed to submit a full (Step 2) proposal to the 19 October cut-off date.

Background information

On 2 June 2023, the EIC Artificial Intelligence (AI) Platform was discontinued and the EIC migrated to the Electronic Submission System hosted on the Horizon Europe Funding and Tender Opportunities portal for full (Step 2) proposals. The IT platform for step 1 proposals was subject to a short moratorium and re-opened on 3 July. Postponing the cut-off for full (Step 2) proposals in October by 2 weeks will give more time to Step 1 applicants who had to wait until after the 3 July to submit and were successful, to prepare their full proposal and submit it to this October cut-off. Successful Step 1 applicants are also free to submit their full proposal to any cut-off within 12 months of having been notified of being successful in Step 1. The 2024 cut-off dates are expected to be published in November as part of the EIC work programme 2024.

Source: European Innovation Council | News (https://shorturl.at/amzQW)