Early childhood digital education: the Hub’s December focus

Every month, the European Digital Education Hub chooses a specific theme and plans activities for its members.

Early childhood digital education

Using digital education through interactive apps, fostering literacy and numeracy during early childhood can enhance cognitive development. Educators play a key role at this stage, especially to balance digital and non-digital methods and avoid overreliance on screens.

Find out about the Hub’s December activities on this topic.

Knowledge building activities

Webinar: “Evidence-Based Approaches to Technology Use in Early Education”

4 December 2023, 13.00 – 14.30 CET

“Teachers as researchers” week

Accelerator programme

Follow the journey of the eight selected projects of the Accelerator programme and discover the team behind a playful educative calendar designed for children.

Reading corner

Topics of latest publications this December include:

  • A news article on the SALTO Awards 2023
  • An informative article on how to promote equity in digital learning through a hackathon?
  • An instructive article on the Future Classroom Lab
  • A short paper on early childhood digital education

Mentorships programme

High-level European experts in the field of digital education can provide you a personalised mentorship on digital education, also when it comes to early childhood and primary education.

Source: European Commission | European Education Area (https://shorturl.at/pqBOT)