€99 million available for funding your project ideas for the Clean Energy Transition

The LIFE Call for Proposals 2023 is inviting stakeholders actively working on accelerating the clean energy transition and decarbonising Europe to submit their project ideas.

The LIFE Clean Energy Transition Call 2023 has 13 funding topics covering important aspects of driving forward the clean energy transition in Europe in all areas of life such as:

  • Involving and empowering citizens in the clean energy transition
  • Supporting the decarbonisation of buildings including heating and cooling
  • Facilitating investment projects at local and regional level
  • Building skills and capacity of industry and the service sector
  • Building a national, regional and local policy framework supporting the clean energy transition
  • Attracting private finance for sustainable energy

LIFE Clean Energy Transition supports all selected projects under the Call 2023 with 95% of their project costs.

Project ideas need to fit into the topic scopes and applicants should read carefully the topic description.

How can I apply?

You have to apply through the European Commission’s funding & tender opportunities portal where you will find information on LIFE 2023 Calls for proposals and instructions on submitting your electronic application.

Where can I find out more?

On 1 June 2023, CINEA will hold a special information session on the call for LIFE 2023 Clean energy transition. This will include general guidance to potential applicants and dedicated sessions for the 13 funding topics. Recording of these sessions will be available for interested parties on the CINEA website shortly afterwards.

For any clarification on the Call topic descriptions, you can contact the LIFE Clean Energy Team on CINEA-LIFE-CET@ec.europa.eu.

Get started now! The deadline to submit your project ideas is the 16 November 2023!

Source: European Commission | European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (https://bit.ly/3M6AYMB)