€11 million EU funding now available for audiovisual media reporting on EU affairs

The Commission has launched a call for proposals worth €11 million to support independent audiovisual reporting on EU affairs by pan-European media outlets;

Aiming to enhance the quantity, quality and impact of such reporting, in as many languages and EU countries as possible and particularly where this offer is scarce, this call is split into two topics. €8 million are available for media outlets who submit proposals for the production and broadcasting of programmes and reports on EU affairs. Another €3 million are available for proposals for news services in languages with limited coverage of EU affairs (including an international news service in Hungarian) and/or where the diversity of EU news content can improve).

Contenders can apply to either one or the two topics. The Commission will select one proposal for each topic. The deadline for applications is 24 May 2024. Grant agreements are expected to be signed in September, for projects to start running from October 2024.

More information on this call

This call for proposals is part of the Multimedia Actions, funding general EU information, news and programmes for the public from a European perspective. This funding line – totalling €20.7 million in 2024 – is entirely open to competition.

Source: European Commission | News & Views (https://shorturl.at/fmvM0)