Cyprus University of Technology: ERATOSTHENES Center of Excellence: Securing a new innovative project for the protection of Archaeological Sites exploiting remote sensing, AI and space-born technologies

The Eratosthenes Centre of Excellence (ECoE), a leading research institution based in Limassol, announced the remarkable achievement of receiving a full mark score of 15/15 for the innovative REVITALISER project, securing a budget of €1,500,000. This outstanding accomplishment underscores the Centre’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the realm of Earth Observation (EO), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cultural Property Protection (CPP).

The REVITALISER project, titled “Preventive Protection of Archaeological Sites in the EMMENA Region,” has received funding under the Twinning Bottom-Up scheme of the EC WIDERA programme. Positioned to lead the fight against illegal excavations and protect cultural heritage using remote sensing, AI, and space-born technologies, it has garnered recognition for its potential to effect transformative change in the field. Leveraging state-of-the-art equipment and innovative methodologies, the initiative seeks to bolster the Eratosthenes Centre of Excellence’s capabilities to support the local authorities in the preservation and management of archaeological sites.

This funding milestone does not only highlight the quality and importance of the project but also underline the significant collaboration that will be fostered with leading international partners. The ECoE will work closely with the Catalan Institute of Classical Archaeology (ICAC), Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), and Maastricht University (UM). These collaborations are set to strengthen the research management, administrative skills, and technical proficiency of the ECoE, enabling the development of innovative strategies for cultural heritage protection.

The REVITALISER project will play a crucial role in enhancing Cyprus’s reputation as a hub for research and innovation, contributing to the nation’s growth and development in the scientific community. It promises to bring about new opportunities for education, training, and capacity building, ensuring a lasting legacy of knowledge and expertise within the region.

Scheduled to commence in the fall of 2024, the project will span three years, with Dr. Dante Abate, leader of the Cultural Heritage cluster at the Eratosthenes Centre of Excellence, serving as the coordinator.

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