Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) : CUT/SeniorVlog: promoting digital transformation and developing digital readiness skills for the 3rd age

The SeniorVlog project, funded by the Erasmus+ programme, aims to improve the lives of older people by preparing them to make full use of the possibilities offered by the internet to be more visible on social networks.

The aim is to equip older internet users with the basic digital skills they need to become active Vloggers.

Research results currently available on the use of the Internet by older people focus mainly on the general use of the Internet by this population (Eurostat) and their presence on social media.

On the other hand, there is not enough knowledge about the nature of vlogging for seniors as there are not many YouTube channels where people over 60 years old share their interests, knowledge and skills, and advice. However, according to The Coming of Age – an American 50+ an American 50+ marketing agency – seniors are the fastest growing user group on YouTube.

Indeed, social media has the potential to reduce the social gap between different generations, making older people protagonists and leading them to be represented equally in the online world as well.

The first objective of Senior Vlog, therefore, was to look in depth at the nature of Senior Vlogging by examining academic articles and other research in this area. The report produced by the consortium aims to explore who the most popular Senior Vloggers are in the partner countries, what categories of Vlogs can be distinguished and what are currently the most popular.

The report, which is now available online at this link, innovatively compares this phenomenon between the project partner countries in order to look for similarities or differences. Moreover, the data collection methodology applied is easily adaptable to other countries and has been a starting point for discussions with other stakeholders in the sector.

More specifically, stakeholder consultation on the project was carried out in June and July, through the organisation of workshops in Poland, Italy, Cyprus, Greece and Portugal. In combination with the survey, these discussions resulted in a comprehensive and contextualised view from target groups relevant to the project – such as adult learners, adult educators and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) trainers in NGOs.


In the coming months, partners will engage in piloting the training programme, designed to break the digital barrier of the “big social media world” and the stereotype of Vlogging as exclusive to young people.

The ultimate aim of the programme will be to empower older people by improving their ICT skills and boosting their confidence by providing them with the opportunity for continuous improvement through a new set of skills and knowledge.

For more information about the project visit our website or look for us on social channels via the hashtag #seniorvlog


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SeniorVlog is co-funded by the European Commission under grant agreement: Erasmus+ 2021-1-PL01-KA220-ADU-000028293.

National contact details: Professor Ekaterini Lambrinou, Cyprus University of Technology, 15 Vragadinou, 3041, Limassol, Cyprus Tel:+357-25-002030, Email: .

The scientific team of the Cyprus University of Technology consists of: Dr Ekaterini Lambrinou, Professor, Dr Theologia Tsitsi and Dr Koralia Michael, Special Education Staff, Dr Sotiris Avgoustis, Assistant Professor, Department of Nursing and Dr Martha Kyriakou, Nurse, Intensive Care Unit, Nicosia General Hospital.

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