CYENS Centre of Excellence presents the artists and the works of the artist residency programme

The first-of-its-kind artists’ hospitality programme in the heart of Nicosia’s historic centre, “The Boundary Crosser”, a project of the CYENS Centre of Excellence, has opened up new avenues for collaboration between artists and people from the technology sector.

Over a period of 5 months, 7 artists, both Cyprus-based and international artists, collaborated with CYENS’ research workshops to create new artworks and explore ways of interaction between arts and cutting-edge technologies. The artists also participated in Creative Placemaking processes, and were in constant contact with the city and its people, the CYENS community and the local art scene.

The artists’ work, thanks to the interaction with the work of CYENS research teams, created new possibilities for creativity, participation and dialogue through the exploration of AI, Virtual Reality, Artificial Reality, Networks and Data, visualizations and others.

Artists and research teams:

Museum Research Lab: visual artist and set designer Melita Kouta (CYPRUS) worked on the archive of the British painter and journalist, Glyn Hughes who lived in Cyprus. Kouta created a visualised performance and soundscape based on Hughes’ literary works as an integrated and fluid experience of the artist’s work.

Deep Camera Research Lab: visual artist Abshar Platisza (INDONESIA) created a prototype of a system that uses an artificial intelligence image detection model of bacterial movement to conduct mechanical interactions in the closed systems of the prototypes. Any tiny movement detected by the model in ashes collected from forest fires in Alasa, Cyprus, will send an electrical signal that triggers the system’s motion.

LEAR Research Lab: visual and digital artists Anne Fehres and Luke Conroy (NL) created a virtual-digital scenario telling the story of Abel Tasman, the Dutch sailor who “discovered” Tasmania, based on the digital storytelling tool developed by the LEAR team. The artists also developed unique graphics and interaction experiences to enhance the user experience.

ITICA Research Lab: visual artist Dimitris Economou (CYPRUS) created a multimedia interactive installation based on the Green Line experience in Nicosia, centred on a central artwork created by the artist, complemented by soundscapes and an interactive video installation.

Smart Networked Systems Research Lab: musician/composer Chonglian Yu (AUSTRIA / CHINA) created “Data Psychic”, a performance with a portable music device designed and implemented during his residency at CYENS, which aims to highlight that people are inseparable from technical infrastructure. The wearable device connects and collects the network activity of a specific area as a unique musical experience produced by the specially designed system.

V-EUPNEA Research Lab: visual artist and curator Kinnari Saraiya (India/UK) created a virtual/physical installation based on stories generated in the virtual environment based on a mythical Indian dancing personality and spirit, with the model being based on the artist herself. Saraiya also created an interactive structure where the user could use to interact with the story, giving movement to the figures.

Ambient Analytics Research Lab: musician/composer Ataman Kınış (CYPRUS) created “Island Digits”, a collection of electronic compositions that present an exploration of data sonification or how data produces sound. The project recorded various environmental parameters of data in Cyprus, to highlight environmental issues through audiovisual realisations.

The residency was curated by Dr, Ellada Evangelou (Musem Lab), while the overall coordination of the project was carried out by Dr Theopisti Stylianou-Lambert (Museum Lab) and Dr Kleanthis Neocleous (ITICA).

To arrange an interview with the artists, the curator or the project coordinators, or to request more information and visual material, please contact Dr. Ellada Evangelou at

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