COST Action research open to the world via Open Research Europe

It is important to ensure that the COST Actions’ scientific and technology related results, outcomes, and impacts are shared widely with the Research and Innovation community. To further support this, COST Actions were recently invited to start submitting their networks’ research to Open Research Europe (ORE), the European Commission’s Open Access publishing platform for research.

The latest COST Action research on ORE

COST Action experience

We chatted to Pia Kahnay and Lars Lewejohann from COST Action TEATIME, Marie Ruiz from COST Action WEMov, Olga Gouni from COST Action DEVoTION, and Jacques J.D.M. van Lankveld from COST Action ESMN to hear more about their experience with ORE and views on Open Access publishing:

Why is it important to publish Open Access?

Open Access is a publishing model for scholarly communication that makes research information available to readers at no cost. Many scientific fields and COST Action are embracing Open Access as part of a wider commitment to Open Science.

The advantages of ORE

Open Research Europe is an original publishing venue, like a journal, not a repository. It provides a reliable peer-reviewed publishing service of high scientific quality, with swift publication times. ORE accepts articles in all fields of science and publication of a wide range of outputs is supported making it an ideal portal for the diversity of COST Actions.

Open peer review

Open Research Europe uses a fully open and transparent post-publication peer review process whereby the names and affiliations of reviewers are published alongside their reports. Their model is centered around transparency and innovation, allowing peer review to become a constructive and collaborative conversation within the research community. Peer review takes place after the article has been published openly on the platform, so research can be read and cited while being assessed by expert reviewers.

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