EIT is pleased to announce that the EIT Governing Board has decided to extend the Partnership Agreement with EIT Health and EIT RawMaterials following a successful seven-year assessment for both Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs).

As stated in the EIT Regulation and Strategic Innovation Agenda, a comprehensive assessment of the results of the two KICs was conducted after the first partnership agreement of seven years draw to a close. During this assessment, the achievements of EIT Health and EIT RawMaterials from the past seven year were compared to their goals set out in their business plans and strategic agendas. Evaluating the assessments and consulting the Member State Representatives Group, the Governing Board  decided to extend the Partnership Agreements with both KICs for another 7 years.

7 years of EIT Health

In the past 7 years EIT Health set up a thriving network that is transforming healthcare in Europe. Since their foundation in 2015, EIT Health has:

  • Set up 7 Innovation Hubs across Europe
  • Brought together more than 200 partners across different healthcare systems
  • Supported the growth of European unicorns Sword Healthand Owkin
  • Created the Venture Centre of Excellencetogether with the European Investment Fund

7 years of EIT RawMaterials

EIT RawMaterials has grown into a key actor developing raw materials into a major strength for Europe. From 2015 on EIT RawMaterials has:

With the extension of the Partnership Agreements, EIT Health and EIT RawMaterials will continue to receive support from the EIT to carry out activities support innovators across Europe. Read the 7 year assessments here:

EIT Health EIT RawMaterials

Source: European Institute of Innovation & Technology (https://bit.ly/3bgq7BG)