To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM), Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) projects showcase best practices, resources and results to help EU citizens and organisations avoid the pitfalls of phishing and ransomware.

Here is an overview of HaDEA’s CEF-funded projects:

  • H2OPTIMAL: the project will boost capacity to deal with cybersecurity threats. Through this project, Águas do Porto, the Operator of Essential Services (OES) active in the sector of drinking water supply and distribution, will provide its employees with additional cybersecurity skills related to threats overview (e.g. malware, phishing) and best practices (e.g. password policies, web protection, e-mail protection).
  • Water Cyber Security Plan: the project aims to protect and secure the entire network and infrastructure of Águas do Norte, in order to ensure the continuity of water supply and wastewater systems. Internal training will provide tools and procedures to assure adequate cybersecurity. Furthermore, the technical functioning of the security operations centre (SOC) will be additionally tested based on a phishing attack to end users to evaluate the internal response and training effectiveness.
  • The Safer Internet Centre in Greece produced a video presenting how to protect yourself from phishing.
  • The Safer Internet Centre in Portugal launched the ZigZaga na Net podcast in 2019, combining entertainment and education. Throughout the new 33 episodes of the 2nd season, children receive a set of advice for the development of their digital skills: tips on online good practices, phishing, online pirates, Internet of Toys, cyberbullying, hate speech, digital influencers, media literacy, non-violent communication, netiquette and much more.
  • The Safer Internet Centre in the Netherlands produced a video explaining what ransomware is and how you can protect yourself and your devices from it. It focuses especially on what to look out for and what to do if you become a victim of ransomware.

HaDEA’s role and its programmes

The Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) celebrates the 10th anniversary of the ECSM by presenting projects funded under CEF and Horizon 2020, in an effort to highlight the synergies across EU funding programmes.

Join us in celebrating ECSM and become (even more) cyber aware with the resources and materials of these projects.

Source: European Commission I HADEA (