Commission welcomes political agreement on the European Chips Act

The Commission welcomed the political agreement reached this week between the European Parliament and the EU Member States on the European Chips Act, proposed by the Commission on 8 February 2022, including on the budget.

The first pillar of the Act – the Chips for Europe Initiative – will reinforce Europe’s technological leadership, by facilitating the transfer of knowledge from the lab to the fab, bridging the gap between research and innovation and industrial activities and by promoting the industrialisation of innovative technologies by European businesses.

In addition to the Chips for Europe Initiative, the second pillar of the European Chips Act will incentivise public and private investments in manufacturing facilities for chipmakers and their suppliers.

The second pillar of the European Chips Act will create a framework to ensure security of supply by attracting investments and enhancing production capacities in semiconductor manufacturing.

In its third pillar, the European Chips Act will also establish a coordination mechanism between the Member States and the Commission for strengthening collaboration with and across Member States, monitoring the supply of semiconductors, estimating demand, anticipating shortages, and, if necessary, triggering the activation of a crisis stage. To address such situations, the European Chips Act establishes a dedicated toolbox of measures that can be undertaken.

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