Commission to invest over €210 million in cybersecurity, digital capacities and technology under the Digital Europe Programme

The Commission opened calls worth over €210 million under the Digital Europe Programme (DEP) for proposals to strengthen cybersecurity and digital capacities across the EU.

In terms of cybersecurity, €35 million will be dedicated to projects protecting large industrial installations and critical infrastructures. Another €12,8 million will be invested to further establish, support and enlarge both national and cross border Cybersecurity Operation Centres (SOCs). €35 million will be devoted to the deployment of state-of-the-art cybersecurity technologies and tools. €20 million will go to support Member States in implementing EU laws on cybersecurity and National Cybersecurity Strategies. The application deadline for all of this cybersecurity-related funding is 21 January 2025.

For digital skills capacities, €55 million will be invested in advanced digital skills, for the design and delivery of higher degree education programmes in key digital technology areas. To help Member States reach the Digital Decade targets and objectives, €25 million will be invested in activities to facilitate the roll out of different multi-country projects through European Digital Infrastructure Consortia (EDICs). Another €20 million EU is earmarked to further develop European local digital twins (digital versions of local communities). €8 million will be invested in European Digital Media Observatories (EDMOs) to finance the work of independent regional hubs to analyse and tackle disinformation in digital media. The application deadline for all this funding linked to digital skills is 21 November 2024.

You can find more information on the DEP cybersecurity work programme, and on the DEP main work programme. Find more information on the calls for proposals. Further calls will be published next year after the adoption of the Digital Europe 2025 – 2027 Work Programme.

Find more information about cybersecurity calls.

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