Commission invests €112 million in AI and quantum research and innovation

The European Commission has launched calls for proposals under Horizon Europe’s 2023-2024 digital, industrial and space work programme for research and innovation in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and quantum technologies.

The Commission will invest over €65 million in AI. Of this amount, €50 million will be dedicated to projects to develop new ways of combining data and the expansion of large AI model capabilities. These efforts will enhance AI applicability across new domains and support Europe’s research excellence in this field. Another €15 million will be invested in developing robust and transparent AI systems. Projects will aim to enhance AI systems’ reliability and provide meaningful insights into their decision-making processes. The above investments will help develop AI technology that aligns with the AI Act and the human-centric European approach to AI.

Additionally, €40 million will be invested to boost research into cutting-edge, world-leading quantum technologies, of which €25 million will be invested for the creation of a pan-European network of quantum gravimeters (gravity sensors). The network will provide high-precision gravity measurements, important for various sectors like Earth observation and civil engineering. Another €15 million will be invested in transnational research and development projects in the field of next-generation quantum technologies. The aim of this cooperation is to ensure that the EU remains at the forefront of the global quantum technology race.

Furthermore, another €7.5 million will be devoted to projects that will support European values and putting people at the centre of the digital transformation, as well as increase the EU’s influence in global ICT standardisation.

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