Commission gathers views on G7 Guiding Principles on generative Artificial Intelligence

The Commission launched a stakeholder survey on draft International Guiding Principles for organisations developing advanced AI systems, which have been agreed by G7 ministers for stakeholder consultation.

These principles are currently developed by G7 Members under the Hiroshima Artificial Intelligence process to set up guardrails on a global level. The eleven draft guiding principles, which  cover advanced AI systems such as foundational models and generative AI, aim to promote safety and trustworthiness of the technology. On this basis, G7 members aim to compile a Code of Conduct that will provide guidance for organisations developing AI tools.

All interested parties were invited to contribute to the survey by 20 October. The feedback received will inform the EU position in the G7 process and contribute to discussions to finalise the negotiations on the guiding principles and the development of a voluntary international Code of Conduct for AI developers, to be endorsed by the G7 leaders this year.

The G7 guiding principles and voluntary Code of Conduct will complement at a global level the legally binding rules that the EU co-legislators are currently finalising under the AI Act.

Source: European Commission | Shaping Europe’s digital future (