Senior cybersecurity representatives of EU Member States, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) and the Commission are taking part in a two-day ‘Blueprint Operational Level Exercise’, or Blue OLEx 2022, to test crisis management procedures.

In light of the upcoming implementation of the Network and Information Systems Directive (NIS2), the large-scale cybersecurity exercise serves to improve common coordination, situation awareness and decision-making process, while fostering trust-building and information sharing, including between Member States and the Commission.

Following Blue OLEx 2021, this year, the exercise has been organised by the Lithuanian Authorities with the support of ENISA within the framework of the European Cyber Crisis Liaison Organisation Network, or ‘EU-CyCLONe’.  EU-CyCLONe supports the coordinated management of large-scale cybersecurity incidents and crises and ensures the regular exchange of information among Member States and Union institutions, bodies and agencies. It contributes to the implementation of the European Commission’s Blueprint for a rapid emergency response in case of a large-scale, cross-border cyber incident by enabling cooperation between the technical (e.g. Computer Security Incident Response Team – CSIRTs) and political levels (e.g. Integrated Political Crisis Response – IPCR) when a large-scale cross-border cyber crisis takes place.

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