The Collegio Carlo Alberto, based in Turin, Italy, is promoting a new call for MSCA Seal of Excellence awardees to carry out projects at this institution.

Collegio Carlo Alberto has opened a new funding call for MSCA Seal of Excellence holders who applied to Postdoctoral Fellowships under Horizon Europe or to the 2020 call for Individual Fellowships under Horizon 2020.

Eligible projects should be in the areas of “Economic Sciences (ECO)” or “Social Sciences and Humanities (SOC)”, even if the original application did not indicate Collegio Carlo Alberto as the project host institution.

The organisation has published full details and eligibility conditions and English on a dedicated website.

Successful applicants will carry out their research project for the same duration as foreseen in the original MSCA application, and will receive a salary equivalent to the amount of MSCA fellowships provided by the European Commission.

The deadline to submit proposals is 15 February 2023.

About the MSCA Seal of Excellence

The MSCA Seal of Excellence is a quality label awarded to applicants of Postdoctoral Fellowships and COFUND who achieved a high score in their applications (85% or more) but unfortunately were not awarded funding due to budgetary constraints.

The MSCA Seal of Excellence

  • underlines the value of these projects, which may use it to help find alternative funding
  • allows other funding bodies such as national, regional and university-level schemes to support MSCA proposals holding the label and take advantage of the Horizon Europe evaluation process

Source: European Commission I Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (