CEF Energy: the Baltic Synchronisation project achieves new milestones

On 9 June, Elering – the Estonian TSO – held an event to celebrate important milestones towards the completion of the Baltic Synchronisation project in Estonia: the first of the two electricity connections to Latvia has been completed, as has one of the three synchronous condensers.

In the presence of the Latvian and Estonian energy ministers Raimonds Čudars and Kristen Michal, the mayor of Tartu and the CEOs of Elering and AST, as well as Beatrice Coda and Bianca Holdford representing CINEA, the project beneficiaries looked back at some of the recently implemented achievements:

  • The new 330 kV overhead lines Balti-Tartu (Estonia) and Tartu-Valmiera (Estonia-Latvia) were energized on 23/2/2023 and 31/05/2023 respectively. They contribute towards linking the Baltic power networks more strongly into a single entity and also form a power highway to Continental Europe.
  • The first of the three synchronous condensers in Estonia was officially commissioned in Püssi in May 2023. The second synchronous condenser currently being built is located in Kiisa. The main equipment has been delivered and the construction is ongoing. These new devices are essential to guarantee that the Baltic States are synchronised with the Continental European Network.

This is no small feat given the pressing geopolitical circumstances which we currently live. The importance of these achievements cannot be underestimated as they contribute towards the synchronisation of the Baltic States with the Continental European Network.

CEF Energy has supported the implementation of this megaproject of strategic importance, covering electricity investments in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, since 2018, with a total amount of funding of EUR 1,3 billion.

On the occasion of the event, colleagues from CINEA visited several sites to check the ongoing construction works. Find out more about their visit.

Source: European Commission | European Climate, Infrastructure and Environment Executive Agency (https://rb.gy/53lua)