Call for Tenders: EIC Corporate Partnership Programme 3.0

EISMEA launched a new tender for the future Corporate Partnership Programme 3.0. Since its first activity in 2017, the European Innovation Council (EIC) Corporate Partnership Programme has become one of the most successful business actions of the EIC, supporting EIC high innovative companies to boost their network and spur new partnerships with largest corporations in Europe.

From October 2017 until July 2023, 69 initiatives have been organised in this programme, involving more than 1200 EIC Awardees and 2500 high level representatives of more than 100 corporate partners like ABB, Airbus, BMW, CaixaBankCommerzBank, Enel, Ferrovial, L’Oreal, Medtronic, Neste, Novo Nordisk, Roche, Saint-Gobain, Shell Ventures, Siemens Energy, Solvay or Telefonica.

Significant business impact has been reported from the participants in the programme, including hundreds of follow-ups and business deals, helping EIC Awardees to scale-up their businesses.

The objective of the future Corporate Partnership Programme 3.0 is to continue and expand the work of previous programmes bringing together EIC companies and either a single large company or a network of large companies. This action will also support other types of collaborations, such as the very innovative EIC Corporate’s Clients Capitalization model, and for the first time incentives for successful business deals that will increase the focus of the programme on business impact.

The services that are the subject of this call for tenders are described in detail in the tender specifications in Section 1.

Source: European Commission | European Innovation Council (