Applications and inputs can be sent in any official EU language or Ukrainian.

Translations of the registration form in EU survey from English to the official EU languages and Ukrainian can be found at the bottom of the EU survey page.

Are you a creative person between the ages of 14 and 35, legally residing in EU-27 or Ukraine and having an interest in bioeconomy and/or bioeconomy related fields (food systems, forestry, climate change, rural development, blue bioeconomy…)? Use art to contribute to the sustainable and circular transition of Europe!

Join before 15 August 2022 11.59 pm CET to:

  • Raise awareness about the bioeconomy
  • Engage youth and expand horizons on different forms of bioeconomy across Europe
  • Demonstrate the variety of bioeconomy, its opportunities and meaning of it
  • Bring different visions and realities to policy makers and to all of us

How can you take part?

Express how the bioeconomy is part of your daily life with an original artwork in any EU official language or Ukrainian!

The artwork shall be a video of up to 30 seconds or an image featuring: a photo, painting, drawing, gif, poem, song…in line with the theme of the competition “Bioeconomy in my life”.

You may use the following questions as guidance for your artworks:

  • How do you see bioeconomy in your life? How would you want to see it?
  • What everyday bioeconomy questions do you face?
  • How do you interact with the nature and its resources? How would you want to interact with it?
  • Do some questions around natural resources and their use particularly affect you?
  • What bioeconomy related topic are you inspired of, are they related to your work, subject you study, how?
  • Why is bioeconomy important to you? What bioeconomy aspect is important to you?
  • If you could choose, what would bioeconomy look like?

The submission of artworks shall be done through EU-survey by 15 August 2022 11.59pm CET.

What will you win?

The Commission will select in total approximately 30 artworks to be used in Commission communication.

From those 30 artworks, the best 5 will be awarded by a sustainable prize, such as an Interrail pass, worth of maximum EUR 500.

Authors of all selected artworks will be awarded by a certificate.

The winners will be contacted by the contest organizer by early September 2022.

What will we do with the winning material?

The selected artworks will be used in the Commission communication in various ways: presentations, virtual gallery, social media posts, other visual material.


If you have questions, please send an email to

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