Better quality of life: EU4Health support to improve the quality of life for cancer patients, survivors and caregivers

Cancer survival rates have significantly increased thanks to advances in early detection, diagnosis and treatment. The number of people with a history of cancer in the EU is growing annually and is now estimated at over 12 million.

Despite these encouraging developments, patients and their families can experience significant challenges when it comes to living long, fulfilling lives, free from discrimination and obstacles after cancer. Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan, coordinated through the Commission’s Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE), focuses on ‘how well and how long’ people live after a cancer diagnosis.

HaDEA is currently managing a number of projects and service contracts under the EU4Healthprogramme and the Cancer Plan framework that focus on providing a better quality of life to people with a history of cancer:

eCAN Joint Actionexplores the impact of teleconsultation and remote monitoring on cancer patients. The project aims to improve the use of telemedicine in relation to cancer care in the EU.

SmartCAREworks on designing a digital tool to improve communication between cancer survivors and health and social care providers. The project takes into consideration patients’ needs and helps enhance the relationship between patients and caregivers.

To support the flagship initiative 8 ‘Better Life for Cancer Patients Initiative’ of the EU’s Beating Cancer Plan,  HaDEA is also managing a contract to design, develop, pilot and deliver a cancer survivor smart card. This initiative is led jointly with the smartCare project.

EU-CAYAS-NET‘s objective is to contribute to the creation of a European network of young cancer survivors through the development of an interactive, virtual platform. The aim is to build a community and improve the quality of life of young cancer survivors.

OACCUs aims at contributing to the creation of a European network of young cancer survivors through the development of a platform to promote outdoor sports and exercise, balanced nutrition and a healthy environment.

EU-CAYAS-NET and OACCus both work to improve the quality of life of children and young adult cancer survivors, through social networking and the use of a platform to increase the links among patients, cancer survivors and health care professionals across the EU.

Access to finance and employment are also crucial for cancer survivors to live a fulfilling life. Thus, HaDEA is supporting the development of an EU code of conduct on cancer survivor access to financial services working closely with health and patients’ organisations and the financial industry with the aim to launch the code by early 2024. Further, HaDEA is managing the contract for a study on job retention and return to work for cancer patients and survivors, which will map existing protection mechanisms and legal frameworks in Member States and beyond, to identify best practices as well as remaining gaps and obstacles.


EU4Health is the fourth and largest of the EU health programmes.The programme provides funding to national authorities, health organisations and other bodies through grants and public procurement, contributing to a healthier Europe.

HaDEA manages the vast majority of the total EU4Health budget and implements the programme by managing calls for proposals and tenders from 2021 to 2027.

Source: European Commission | European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HaDEA) (