Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) : Collaboration between the Athens University of Economics & Business and Princeton University

The UNESCO Chair for Digital Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences and the Graduate Program in Digital Methods for the Humanities of the Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) are launching their collaboration with Princeton University’s Centre for Digital Humanities (CDH) assisted by the European Infrastructure for Research in the Arts and Humanities DARIAH-EU and organize a five-day Digital Humanities workshop to be hosted at the Princeton Athens Centre.

This summer, graduate students, PhD candidates and researchers from Greek universities, as well as cultural heritage institutions, will have the opportunity to collaborate with their counterparts from Princeton University who wish to start or advance their own digital research pursuits and to explore the Greek cultural heritage with a digital approach.

The use of digital research methods in the field of Greek cultural heritage has spectacularly increased in recent years. The MSc in Digital Methods for the Humanities at AUEB, the longest-running postgraduate study program in Digital Humanities in Greece, is leading the way in training a new generation of researchers and professionals. On the other hand, CDH, one of the leading Digital Humanities centres in the US, is known for the design and implementation of research and development projects, but also for its wide network of collaborations. Finally, the DARIAH-EU Infrastructure is considered a pan-European collaboration hub in the field of digital services for the arts and humanities.

“We are especially pleased to work with our Greek colleagues to compare our approaches and create a unique experience for humanities scholars approaching Greek culture with digital methods,” says Natalia Ermolaev, Executive Director of CDH. “The opportunity for intercultural learning is one of the main benefits of our connection with the DARIAH-EU Infrastructure,” she adds. “I am excited about this new collaboration” points out Ayatis Benardou, Director of the DARIAH-EU Infrastructure and MSc Instructor at AUEB. “The diffusion of scientific fields and viewpoints and education in the field of Digital Humanities are centrally placed in the strategy of the DARIAH-EU Infrastructure.”

AUEB’s Rector, Professor Dimitris Bourandonis, commented: “With this collaboration the convergence of technology with every scientific field finds its application in the Humanities. The Athens University of Economics and Business is innovating again, inaugurating high-level collaborations with leading international universities and research laboratories, so that distinguished scientists can produce useful projects for culture, people and society. We are proud of the AUEB based UNESCO headquarters and the work carried out by our excellent scientists”.

Panos Konstantopoulos, Emeritus Professor of Informatics and Head of the UNESCO Chair for Digital Methods in the Humanities and Social Sciences at AUEB, notes: “We are looking forward to having an international group of students and researchers with us and experiencing a fruitful interdisciplinary search. This workshop will be a unique experience of cross-cultural collaboration and creativity for all participants.”

This important collaboration is co-signed by the Seeger Centre for Hellenic Studies at Princeton University, a dynamic focus of various academic programs to promote the study of the Greek world from antiquity to the present day. The workshop will be hosted at the Princeton Athens Centre for Research and Hellenic Studies, located in Pagrati. Seeger CHS Director Dr. Dimitris Gondikas said: “Since its establishment in 1979, Princeton University’s Seeger Centre for Hellenic Studies has served academic excellence by offering high-level interdisciplinary research and teaching on Hellenic culture from ancient times to the present day. At the same time, through numerous scholarship programs, we promote collaborations with Hellenists from all over the world with fellow professors, researchers, and students from Greece. For the last 7 years, the Princeton Athens Centre has been a focus of academic research and a venue for scientific meetings. We will be very happy to host this year our first summer workshop on digital humanities, in collaboration with the Athens University of Economics and Business”.

For more information about the workshop and application submissions, please, visit the Seeger Centre website here

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