Athens University of Economics and Business: Academy of Athens Excellence in Science Award 2023

On Thursday 23rd of March Prof. Phoebe Koundouri has been awarded the Academy of Athens Excellence in Science Award 2023 for her contribution to the advancement of the Science of the Marine Environment by the President of the Academy of Athens, Michael-Konstantinos Stathopoulos, and the Secretary General, Christos Zerefos . This Award, given every four years, constitutes the epitome of academic recognition in Greece.

Prof. Koundouri stated: “My gratitude for this unique honor from the Academy of Athens, the oldest Academy of Sciences in the world, goes to the President, the General Secretary and each and every Member of the Academy of Athens. I am also in debt to the Universities that accepted me as a member of their academic staff – University of Cambridge, University College London, University of Reading, London School of Economics, Technical University of Denmark, the “Athena”​ Research and Innovation Center, and the Athens University of Economics and Business as well as the academies that elected me as their member, the World Academy of Art and Science and Academia Europea. I am also grateful to my interdisciplinary team of talented scientists – AE4RIA  – for empowering me, over the last thirty years, to follow my passion for pioneering interdisciplinary human-centric systems for the sustainable interaction between nature and the economy. I do believe that the survival of our race and the long-run support of human welfare, depends on the use of these science-based systems in the allocation of resources (natural capital, human capital, produce capital, social capital) between people, over time and across space.

This award belongs to the people that defined me. My parents Christos and Chrysi Koundouri for their unbounded love and support through my life, my husband Professor Nikitas Pittis, the best among the many renowned academics that I was blessed to be supervised by, and to our children Chrysilia, Billie and Athena that constitute our resilience and sustainability”.

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