Apply to be part of the European Digital Education Hub’s digital skills squad

Education professionals from all sectors with an interest in the provision of digital skills are invited to apply to join this working group (squad) and contribute to its outcomes. The squad will be active from May until October 2023.

Theme: digital skills

Developing transversal skills and competences is central to the work of the European Digital Education Hub (EDEH) community. The community is committed to harnessing technologies to build digital skills and digital confidence at scale, to ensure that people will have the digital skills they need throughout life.

This activity is closely connected to the upcoming Council Recommendation on Digital Skills.

Squad focus: provision of digital skills

What is the education community doing right now, and what can we do better to promote digital skills early on and at all stages of education and training? The upcoming Council Recommendation on the Provision of Digital Skills (publication date: April 18, 2023) will provide guidance on these matters.

As the Council discusses the adoption of the recommendations with EU countries, EDEH plans to unwrap its proposed actions and identify how they affect and can be applied to the professional contexts of educators. We will focus on how to improve the provision of digital skills.

By applying for the digital skills squad, you will be able to bring your as well as your organisation’s unique knowledge and perspective to the table in an international setting.


The squad will consist of 20 participants led by Alexa Joyce, Future Skills Director at Microsoft. Members will collaborate online and produce a concrete output that will be shared across the EDEH community. Squad member usually dedicate about one hour per week of their time to bi-weekly calls and squad activities.

Selection criteria

Participants of the squad should demonstrate knowledge and expertise on the topic of digital skills. They may come from all education sectors, policymaking, workplace learning and training, educational technology (EdTech) or the private sector, and may be involved in projects on the topic.

How to apply

Applications are open until 30 April 2023.

Interested participants should first be registered members of the European Digital Education Hub. Hub membership will be granted within 5 working days.

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