Apply for the European Broadband Awards 2023

Europe’s digital transformation by 2030 relies on providing citizens with access to gigabit connectivity and 5G services. The European Broadband Awards 2023 will highlight projects leading us into the Europe digital decade.

All projects advanced in implementation, big or small, rural or urban, private or public, local, regional, national or multi-country, and covering all technologies are welcome to apply for the awards. The application deadline is the 23 June 2023. The winners will receive an EU Broadband Award in the Autumn and will be showcased by the European Commission in the media and websites.

How and when to apply?

Download the application form and the guide for applicants. Carefully read the guide and explanations in the application form. Fill in the application and submit (as xlsx file) via e-mail. The deadline for submitting the applications is 23 June 2023, 16:00 CET.

The winners will be announced and awarded at the ceremony and invited to present their project in Autumn 2023. The winners will also be featured on the Shaping Europe’s digital future website.

Award categories

The projects will apply and will be awarded in one of the five categories:

  • Category 1. Innovative models of financing, business and investment. Designed for projects that applied effective and innovative financing, business or investment models.
  • Category 2. Cost reduction measures and co-investment.Addressed to projects that applied measures exploiting the synergies between different infrastructures and strived for cooperation among relevant stakeholders in building and investing in infrastructure.
  • Category 3. Socio-economic impact in rural and remote areas.Projects in this category have direct and indirect socio-economic impacts and substantially improved connections to and in the remote and rural areas.
  • Category 4. Demand generation and take-up of connectivity.For projects that implemented measures stimulating the demand side and increasing the take-up of a wide range of fixed and/or wireless/mobile, including 5G, services and applications
  • Category 5. Cross-border and international connectivity.Addresses projects rolling out broadband in cross-border or multi-country contexts both within the EU and/or interlinking the EU with other non-EU countries or world regions

More details are available at the European Broadband Awards page. The Broadband Europe Awards are managed by the European Commission (DG Connect).

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