Following the first call for proposals of the Connecting Europe Facility Programme – Digital (CEF Digital), 15 projects were awarded EU funding to accelerate the deployment of 5G connectivity infrastructures along the main transport paths throughout Europe.

5G Corridors

The resulting portfolio of projects  that will receive EU funding will pave the way for Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) including safety and non-safety services, be it for road, rail, inland waterways, or multimodal transport.

More specifically, the projects will support 5G infrastructure deployment over cross-border sections of 5G corridors and ensure service continuity when crossing said border, thus contributing to connecting different regions throughout Europe.

Seven of these projects will start deploying the needed infrastructure straightaway, both active and passive, to enable CAM services to develop in the coming years.  At the same time, eight inception studies will prepare the groundwork for future large-scale 5G infrastructure deployment projects in view of upcoming CEF Digital Calls.

A  second 5G Corridors call for deployment works and studies is currently open until 23 February.   It includes a call for a Coordination Support Action (CSA) aiming at integrating 5G connectivity infrastructure with edge nodes and European Cloud Federation infrastructure.

Source: European Commission I Digital (