2030 Digital Decade: Commission adopts indicators to monitor Europe’s digital transformation and issues guidance to Member States

The Commission adopted the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to allow for measuring progress made in achieving the 2030 Digital Decade targets, and issued guidance on how Member States should structure their national roadmaps, to reach the digital targets.

European Commission

Each indicator will measure how the EU is doing in achieving the targets on digital infrastructure, skills, business and public services. The Commission will present the progress made in the first report on the state of the Digital Decade, which should be published after the summer. More so, the Member States should use the indicators to define their national trajectories to pursue the targets at the national level.

Member States should adopt national roadmaps by 9 October. They will set out their national trajectories and the policy measures they intend to take as a contribution to the EU’s collective effort to achieve the objectives and targets by 2030.

Guidance to the Member States on the preparation of the national Digital Decade strategic roadmaps

Implementing decision setting out key performance indicators to measure the progress towards the digital targets

Digital Decade targets

Source: European Commission I Digital (https://shorturl.at/cuwW7)