Project Name
In4Cohesion Project

In4Cohesion Project

Project Description

In4Cohesion Project: Information and Awareness for Cohesion Policy via Media

The current proposal comes forward to enable an informed debate about future priorities for the EU and ensure more transparency on how the EU’s Funds are being utilized and how the results are being implemented within the EU countries. Citizens will acquire better knowledge and their awareness will be raised regarding the impact this investment has, as a results of cohesion policy, in their countries, regions and cities as well as on their individual lives.

The proposed project is expected to bring forward conceptual, methodological and analytical contribution towards a better understanding of the relationship between European regional policies, local and regional identities and the perception of the added value of the EU by its citizens. It is also expected that young people and local stakeholders (including SMEs) will be more engaged in civic participation and more informed about the link between regional diversity, policy making and the potential benefits of Cohesion Policy. Positive identification with European projects and enhanced knowledge on opportunities cohesion policy investments can offer to all stakeholders will be made more evident and visible to the related target groups enabling them to get more involved in voicing their opinions and increasing their presence as EU citizens.


  1. European Office of Cyprus
  2. University of Nicosia
  3. Neapolis University Pafos
  4. Frederick University
  5. Open University Cyprus
  6. Ministry of Education and Culture Cyprus
  7. Enoros Consulting

Support for information measures relating to the EU Cohesion Policy

12 months

216.261 euro


The general objective of the proposed project is to support information measures relating to the EU Cohesion policy in Cyprus. In order to achieve this objective, the project aims primarily to target and promote a better understanding of the role of Cohesion policy in Cyprus. The aforementioned objective will be attained through the organization of Media Awareness - Raising Campaign (A.2), Organization/ Participation of the partnership on Public events (A.3), Organization and Implementation of Targeted Events (A.4) and via evaluation of the support information measures relating to the EU Cohesion policy in Cyprus (A.5) activities implemented by the participating organizations at the later stage of the project.

The proposal addresses the challenges identified on Cyprus’s two operational programmes under EU Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 which will receive funding, one from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Cohesion Fund and one from the European Social Fund (ESF).

The partnership brings together different expertise and capacity, networks of organizations, institutions and sources to achieve commonly shared goals. The partnership is composed of a Public Body, 4 Universities, 2 Private Companies, and an NGO which all of them have extensive experience in the delivery of EU funded projects and have their own target groups and audiences, thus making their input crucial to reach the objectives of the project. Over the years, the consortium has had to the opportunity to work together or in smaller groups on a number of projects and this well-knit network in Cyprus has developed an important criterion for successful project implementation and the provision of a quick resolution to any problem.

The In4COHESION project focuses on the wider Cypriot public, yet pays special attention to the following specific sub-groups:
- Beneficiaries and Potential beneficiaries (Young people, businesses, NGOs);
- Local Authorities, Intermediate Bodies, Public bodies and Agencies;
- Social Partners including Trade Unions, Employers and Business Groups, Community and Voluntary sector organisations; and
- Local, Regional and National opinion formers and influencers including Journalists, Media, Academics, Researchers and Educators.