• Posted 01-Dec-2017

“The European Union and the Eurozone under Stress”

The European Office of Cyprus has attended a book presentation.

The European Office of Cyprus was invited to attend the presentation of the book: “The European Union and the Eurozone under Stress” which was held on 29 November 2017, in the Committee of the Regions in Brussels. The invitation was made by the Cypriot/British author of the book, Mr. John Theodore who also delivered the presentation. Mr. John Theodore is a trained barrister and a former Director of the International Tourism Research and Consultancy Centre specialising in EU projects at Manchester Metropolitan University. Both Mr. Ian Hudghton -MEP, SNP Member of the European Parliament- and Mr. Micheál Ó Conchúir -Secretary General of the European Alliance political party of the Committee of the Regions- prefaced the book with discussions on the current European situation. In addition, the other two co-authors of the book are Dr. Jonathan Theodore -tutor in early European history at King’s College, London- and Dr. Dimitrios Syrrakos -senior lecturer in economics at Manchester Metropolitan University's Business School, UK-.

This book explores the political and economic issues currently challenging EU member states affecting both the core Eurozone and non-core states. It analyses and explains how its own economic, and political, relationships have been critically influenced by fierce competition from its rivals in other major global economies, as well as by the systemic weaknesses in the economic and financial model it created. The book provides insight into both the underlying and more immediate economic and social challenges created by: its post-2007 enlargement to 28 countries - excluding the Balkan remnants of former Yugoslavia; the nature of the regulatory regime centralized in Brussels, and the host of issues and critiques this fosters; its ‘open borders’ policy and precious guiding principle, crystallized in the Schengen agreement; security weaknesses exacerbated by increasing volumes of migration; and the ongoing debt crises as the greatest existential challenge to the EU project. Featuring interviews with high profile key players from inside and outside Europe the book will examine new and underlying stresses - political and economic - to guide a greater understanding of the EU plan

More information about the book: https://www.palgrave.com/de/book/9783319522913