• Posted 10-May-2022

EIT and EPO team up to increase support and expertise to European SMEs, ventures and innovators

The European Patent Office (EPO) and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to strengthen their collaboration on a broad range of intellectual property matters, increasing support and expertise to European innovators and SMEs.

For Europe’s innovators to thrive, their ideas and creations need to be protected through intellectual property rights. However, it is often the case that knowledge gap exists preventing innovators from benefiting from these rights. By working more closely together, the EIT and EPO can help ensure that the EIT community, Europe’s largest innovation ecosystem helps not only bring new ideas to market, but also protects those innovations and investments.

By establishing a framework for close partnership and dialogue through the MoU, both EPO and EIT will work hand in hand to respond to the needs of their stakeholders responding quickly to the changing demands and conditions of a dynamic global patent system.

The two organisations have already enjoyed a fruitful collaboration since 2018, with the EPO participating in the EIT Innovation Communities’ working group on IP and “Innovation Panel” meetings to provide tailor made training on IP issues. Since then, additional targeted training has been offered to different parts of the EIT Community. The EIT Community was also introduced to the “PATLIB network” to find synergies with the EIT Regional Innovation Scheme – a program which aims to boost innovation in countries and regions which are considered by the European Innovation Scoreboard to have modest or moderate levels of innovation.

With the signed MoU, the EPO and EIT have agreed to develop specific activities, projects and programmes to be implemented in a spirit of co-operation and common commitment. The aim of this cooperation is to support innovators and entrepreneurs across Europe in turning their ideas into products and services, thus creating highly-skilled jobs and economic growth and also to promote a modern IP culture in Europe among researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs by improving their access to the European IP system.

Source: European Institute of Innovation & Technology (https://bit.ly/3LZuOg4)