• Posted 20-Jul-2016

Concerns regarding the posting of workers

The European Commission adopted on 20 July 2016 a Communication re-examining its proposal for a revision of the Posting of Workers Directive in the context of the subsidiarity control mechanism that several national parliaments triggered in May 2016. The Commission concludes that the proposal for a revision of the Directive does not constitute a breach of the subsidiarity principle.

reform of the Posting of Workers Directive highlights a clear commitment of this Commission to promote a deeper and fairer internal market, set out in its Political Guidelines. The revision introduces changes in three main areas:

· remuneration of posted workers;

· rules on temporary agency workers;

· long-term posting.

The Commission carefully analysed the subsidiarity concerns voiced by the national Parliaments and reaffirmed that it is appropriate to define at EU level the rules applicable to the posting of workers. The proposal seeks to ensure that workers carrying out work at the same location are protected by the same mandatory rules, irrespective of whether they are local workers or posted workers.

More information: http://ec.europa.eu/social/main.jsp?langId=en&catId=89&newsId=2583&furtherNews=yes