• Posted 11-Oct-2021

Commission launches public consultation to feed into action plan to digitalise the energy system

The European Commission has launched a public consultation on digitalising the energy sector as part of the preparation of a Commission Action Plan on the Digitalisation of the energy system, due for publication in the first semester 2022. In line with EU ‘better regulation’ principles, the consultation will run until 24 January 2022.

The Action Plan should be seen in the context of the European Green Deal objectives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 55% by 2030 and achieve climate-neutrality by 2050, as well as participating to Europe Fit for the Digital Age. As highlighted in the 2020 Energy System Integration strategy, the twin green and digital transition calls for a better-functioning, smart, integrated and cleaner energy system, while guaranteeing affordable energy and a fair transition for all. The Action Plan will also build on the Communication on “A European Strategy for Data”, on the Regulation on the Free Flow of Non personal Data - (EU) 2018/1807 and on the Regulation on the General Data Protection - (EU) 2016/679 in order to ensure a transparent and well-functioning data framework. It will also be in line with the Communication on “the European way for the Digital Decade” published in March 2021.

The digital transformation of the energy system brings multiple potential benefits, but it also brings its share of risks and challenges related to the specificities of the energy system. For example, how to mix legacy technologies with new and smart technologies, or how to address cybersecurity threats which might affect the energy supply as an essential service to society. An integrated EU policy response is required to ensure that investments in digital technologies in the energy system contribute to the Green Deal and to a Europe that is fit for the digital age. EU action should also ensure that digitalisation of the energy system contributes to a well-functioning single market for goods and services related to energy and to data.

Aimed at all stakeholders, consumer groups, academic and research institutions and interested individuals, the public consultation first focuses on existing examples of digitalisation of energy in everyday life, consumer empowerment and citizen engagement in the energy transition. The second part of the questionnaire  then looks at specific facets of digitalising the energy system. 

This consultation builds on the feedback received from the Roadmap consultation on this initiative, which took place between 23 July and 10 September 2021. It will also be complemented by a range of further outreach activities to stakeholders, among which a session during the European Sustainable Energy Week on October 27th titled “Digitalisation of Energy: a step forward for the twin green and digital transition”.

The consultation is available in English and will progressively be available in all 23 EU languages by  5 November 2021.

Source: European Commission I News (https://bit.ly/3Bxwokc)