• Posted 20-Jul-2021

Commission adopts proposal for a Pact for Research and Innovation in Europe

On 16 July, the European Commission adopted its proposal for a Council Recommendation on “A Pact for Research and Innovation in Europe” to support the implementation of national European Research Area (ERA) policies.

The Pact proposal defines shared priority areas for joint action in support of the ERA, sets out the ambition for investments and reforms, and constitutes the basis for a simplified policy coordination and monitoring process at EU and Member States’ level through an ERA platform where Member States can share their reform and investment approaches to enhance exchanges of best practices.

The Pact is aimed to be the long-standing foundation for the EU’s commitment to the new European Research Area (ERA). It will build on common principles for research and innovation in Europe, including values like freedom of scientific research, equal opportunities for all, free circulation of researchers and knowledge, inclusiveness and societal responsibility.

Importantly, to ensure an impactful ERA, the Pact foresees the engagement with research and innovation stakeholders.


The adoption of the Commission’s proposal for a Council Recommendation on a “Pact for Research and Innovation in Europe” is the first key achievement of the new European Research Area. It was announced in the Commission’s Communication on “A new ERA for Research and Innovation” of September 2020 and endorsed by Council Conclusions on the new ERA in December 2020.

Source: European Commission I Research and Innovation (https://bit.ly/2UX9JNA)